Providing better SEO results combined with reporting data and a record of accountability!
Search Engine Optimization
Exceptional Ranking And Visibility In Today’s Business World
Speed Optimization
It's no secret that search engines reward websites that load fast with higher ranks. Does your website load quickly?
Device Ready
Business today is mobile. Search engine friendly websites must be ready to handle any device the end user might be using.
Proper Coding
Essential to SEO and effective ranking results are up to date coding standards upon which your business website is built.

Accountability- An increasingly rare trait

There are many factors that integrate to influence search engine rankings by Google’s ever-changing algorithm. A good SEO plan takes all of these factors into consideration, on-page and off-page, and integrates them into an effective, comprehensive Marketing Plan.​

This process begins with a Keyword Analysis that analyzes which words are searched most often in your industry, utilizing an industry tool known as WordTracker. Once we have a strategy in place for our targets, we begin the climb up the rankings. All of our clients receive a monthly report highlighting the progress for each one of their keywords/phrases.

At Copier Marketing, we strongly believe that accountability is of the utmost importance when it comes to SEO, which is why we send monthly reports to our clients highlighting their progress. SEO firms are accountable to their clients for results, and communication is necessary to ensure that accountability.

93% of all B2B buying processes now begin with an online search.