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A small team of top developers building professional websites for copier dealers across North America.
Professional Website Development
Building Websites That Get Results

What good is your website if it’s not meeting your sales and marketing objectives? Taking the effort and expense to create your brand’s online presence should bring in leads. This can only be accomplished by having a proven team on your side that knows how to showcase your message and bring it to online search results.

Copier Marketing is crewed by a team of experienced developers with decades of experience in providing satisfied business clients. We use industry-standard and proven open-source technology. All of our marketing strategies are custom-tailored to fit your needs with no hidden fees or expenses in our contracts.

Additionally, we pay special attention to industry trends and changes. The result is always producing a product that is backward compatible with the potential of reaching the broadest audience with old or new devices. Browser compatibility, mobile readiness and top-notch security protocols round out our exceptional product offerings for our business clients. In addition to building websites, we also provide graphic design for ads, logos, banners, brochures, flyers, and other marketing collateral. 

Updated & Secure

Websites built by the Copier Marketing team are created with the latest industry standards and security protocols.


The Copier Marketing team has decades of experience providing satisfied business clients with professional websites.

Device Ready

Our sites are designed and built for the mobile devices that keep our modern business office on the move.

recent projects
The Catalog
The Death of the Product Catalog

To Catalog or Not to Catalog? That’s the question many office equipment dealers face. Copier Marketing is able to custom-build a catalog from scratch if desired or integrate a 3rd party catalog if you prefer.  However, there are reasons some dealers are opting for generic landing pages instead. In this video, David Coatney explains some of the disadvantages.

When your customer finds the model they think they need from your website, what is the first thing they do? They Google that product and then “find it online cheaper.” I’m sure that phrase sounds familiar. Then, when a sales rep comes to visit, the client already knows what they need. And while it’s true that A4 device has the speed and functionality they desire, they are also doing 20,000 prints per month. By the time the sales rep tries to convince them they need a beefier machine, it sounds like they’re trying to be “up-sold.” Ultimately, it’s the sales rep’s job to educate the client on which model they need.

Site Traffic
Information is Power.

Wouldn’t it be great if Google Analytics told you the EXACT business that is looking at your site?  Good news!  Although Google doesn’t offer this service, lead forensics technology makes this possible by tracing the IP address back to the business viewing the site.  If you’re in a B2B industry, find out which businesses are looking at your site and exactly which pages they are viewing!

In addition, you can see exactly which pages they have viewed, how many times they viewed, how long they viewed, and receive the contact information for the key decision-makers within the company.  At that point, when your sales rep “drops in” on a cold call, they’ll be armed with KNOWLEDGE of what that company is looking for before they even begin the conversation.

“These Guys know their stuff, Very Helpful. The response & delivery time was amazingly quick for how busy they are.”  – Brent Farmer